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I-15 Truck Parking


The UDOT I-15 Truck Parking Project derived from a grant that InterPlan submitted to FHWA on behalf of UDOT in 2008. This project will identify truck parking locations along the I-15 corridor and provide a pilot project of real-time information to the trucking industry to better provide information for truck drivers approaching the 11-hour of driving limits. Truck driver surveys will be conducted, truck parking supply and demand will be identified, truck parking information distributed, and the identification of private/public truck parking locations will be provided.

In February 2008, the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) submitted a Truck Parking Grant Initiative application to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The grant application listed several projects that would enhance long-term truck parking along the I-15 corridor from St. George to Salt Lake City. In June 2010, UDOT was awarded a $545,000 grant from the FHWA with no local match to initiate the Truck Parking Study. To receive this grant, UDOT is required to have the project initiated in August 2010. To expedite this effort, UDOT has selected InterPlan to be the prime consultant from the UDOT pool of consultants.

Link information to uPlan:  uPlan is now a tangible product that people can access in meetings or at a private desktop.Truck parking data is displayed, graphically, to assit in decision making.   It includes a GIS data base that is beginning to acquire data at an exponential rate.

Conduct Truck Driver Surveys: Review the 2002 Federal Highway Administration survey for questions, methodology, and ways truck drivers want to receive information. Conduct a similar survey for Utah that would build upon the information in the Technical Report.

Truck Parking Supply and Demand Identification: InterPlan will provide geographic inventory of truck parking supply by public rest areas, private truck stops, and other potential parking areas such as park and ride lots along I-15 and major feeder routes into I-15.

Intelligent Transportation System Feasibility Study/User Implementation/Visor Card: InterPlan will identify major barriers and infrastructure needs in sufficient detail to define the cost to provide real-time truck parking availability.

Identify Private Truck Parking Locations: Identify potential long-term truck parking spaces other than rest areas and commercial truck stops through the formation of a public/private partnership with businesses that have large parking lots.